Oversee the club as needed
Make finial decisions
Reports to directors of the club
Oversee other dept's as needed during snow season to keep trails clear
Hire contractors for goals set by Trail master
Set a plan in place for off season repairs,upgrades and general storage of equipment
To preserve the club for the future

Vise President
Take place of President at meetings when needed
Handles memberships and dues
works with treasurer

Takes minutes at the meetings
files any paperwork and help
with miscellaneous forms
Handles funds and bank acc
pays bills and keeps records of the same
Trail administrator
Handles log books, file forms, Registrations for groomers
Keep a current list of landowners
orders signs
Works with Trail master
Trail master
Schedule work parties- and goals for the same
Work with landowners- needs,signs and gates
Any needs to the state as trail master
oversee assistant in repairs to equipment
and purchases
General trail condition

Project Manager
Work with trail master
Work with landowners
Finds projects and what's needed to
complete that goal
Help other dept's as needed during snow season to keep trails clear
Build GPS files on trail system
Improve trail info on trails and web site
Keep a list of Groomer operators
names and numbers for trail reports

Assistant Trail Master
Oversee repairs and general matiance
of equipment- keeps equipment going during the winter season
Report to trail master
Research Dept
Work as needed on any grants
Seek out funds available